The cross from the beautiful new chapel
The cross from the beautiful new chapel
35th Reunion Event Where: Hill Murray
United States

This is our main event for our 35th Reunion.  We sure hope you can join us.  If not, please do update us on your lives at the 'then and now' section of the website and leave a message in the guest book.
I've got time to help @ the event or just a few weeks prior
We're looking for just a few more hands to help.  Easy jobs.  As they say...many hands make for light work! :)

RSVP here or send an email to

I've got some extra money to help fund a few things
We have a few ideas for some things we'd like to add to the event, but alas, we've tried our best to contain costs.  Feeling like you have some money to spare?
Contact the reunion commitee at