Play along. Take our class quiz.
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1) Who was our class Valedictorian?
Joe Koller
Mr. A
2) Who was our class Salutatorian?
Mr. A
Michelle Roppeau

3) Who played/won in the Super Bowl?
Vikings vs Broncos (27/10)
Dallas vs Denver (27/10)
Bears vs Vikings (27/10)
Pioneers vs Vikings (27/10)
4) What was the picture of the year?
Flash Dance
Annie Hall
Harry Potter

5) What was the record of the year?
Hotel California/Eagles
Hotel California/Beach Boys
Flash Dance/Pioneer Performers
Do you believe in Magic/Bee Gees
6) Album of the year?
Do you love me?/Bro Francis
Like a virgin/Madonna
Feelings/Bee Gees
Rumors/Fleetwood Mac

7) Song of the year?
Fight Song/Pioneers
Do you believe in Magic?/Paula Abdul
Evergreen/Barbra Streisand/Paul Williams
8) Median HouseHold Income

9) Louise Brown was born in 1978...who is she?
1st woman to the moon
1st woman president in Italy
1st test tube baby
John Lenon other child
10) Who did not die in 1978?
Hubert Humphrey
Norman Rockwell
Richard Nixon

11) What band was NOT formed in 1978
Fleetwood Mac
Duran Duran
The Pretenders
Dead Kennedys
12) What cool technology was launched?
Apple Computer