Should we strive to make a donation to the school from our class?
Sounds like a lovely idea, I'd love to partcipate.
  (77 %)
Sounds nice, but I'm not in a position to contribute financially at this time. My kids/grandkids get all my money :)
  (23 %)
If we make a donation to the school on behalf of our class, I'd like to see us
Donate to wherever the need is greatest
  (69 %)
Fund some scholarships
  (14 %)
Contribute to technology needs like computers
  (6 %)
Contribute to the chapel or other faith related needs
  (12 %)

We would like to give a service award or two to members of our class who are serving those in need. Do you like the idea?
Yes, and I have some thoughts that I will leave on the message board.
  (10 %)
Love the idea, but haven't kept in touch enough to know who is doing what. Just honor whomever you desire.
  (31 %)
Nah, let's just focus on our walk down memory lane.
  (28 %)
Either way is fine with me.
  (31 %)